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museum_snark's Journal

Museum Snark
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Do you work in a museum (or a zoo, or a nature center, or any place else the public comes to learn that isn't a school)? I bet you have some horror stories. I bet you encounter stupid people that you have to be nice to because they're visitors, or worse, DONORS. I bet some of your coworkers are unbearable. I bet you need to vent!

I know I do.

What this community is:
- a place to share stories about stupid people and situations
- a place to vent
- a place to get advice about dealing with people (both the public and your co-workers)

What this community isn't:
- a place to get advice about museum studies programs
- a place to find a job in the field
- a place to advertise (either for your instituation or other communities)
- a more general place like museum_geeks or museumpeople

If you are interested in more general (and less bitchy) conversation about museums, please try museum_geeks (I mod that one), or museumpeople (I have no affiliation with that one).

This community is moderated by hellosarah. Play nice.