Sarah (hellosarah) wrote in museum_snark,

The joys of working at a University museum.

OMFG, I am not your professor - do not come in to my office waving your assignment at me and telling me you don't understand number eight. (FTR: Number eight was a question about how scientists make hypotheses about skeletons that they don't have all of the pieces of.) I will try hard not to laugh at you when I read number eight and ask you what's not to understand, and you say "That word!" and point to the word "extrapolation". How the hell did you get into the University of Michigan and 1) not know what the word extrapolation means, or 2) have the humility to look a word up if you don't know it already? Don't you know people laugh at your lazy ass for crap like that? Extra bonus stupid points for asking me to explain "extrapolation" to you instead of looking it up. Aren't you embarrassed to be asking me to finish your homework for you? Go read the damn exhibit again.
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