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We didn't want your two year old's comments, anyway.

For the record (and a reminder), I work in a relatively small University natural history museum. In our new exhibit on evolution and current research in evolutionary biology, there is a table where visitors can fill out a comment card and drop it in a box for museum and research staff to review. If the visitor asks a question, or has a particularly insightful comment, museum staff responds and the question and answer go in a binder that's mounted to the table.

This binder is filled with those plastic sheets that you can insert paper into - it's REALLY OBVIOUS that you aren't supposed to write on the binder or plastic itself. There is CLEAR SIGNAGE in MULTIPLE PLACES telling people to fill out a card and drop it in the box. Now, I understand that little kids will occasionally scribble on the plastic and perhaps break the pen. Whatever. However, today the pen and binder were both repaired around 10am. It is now 11:30am, and both the pen and the binder are once again broken and covered in ink. The adult visitor whose child broke the pen and made the mess had the audacity/stupidity to say the following to the docent on duty (of course this is in a nasty, entitled tone):

"You know, if you want these kids to write in this plastic book, you should really give them a better pen."

NO, STUPID - we DON'T want them to write in the "plastic book". We want coherent adults and older children with questions to fill out a card so WE can put information in the "plastic book" for visitors who can actually READ it (as opposed to drool all over it and scribble in it.) This is NOT the freaking Hands On Museum. They're a few blocks up the street. Go break their stuff, they're used to it.

I don't really like the public very much today, in case you couldn't tell.
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